Professional Hydraulic Lift Bonsai Turntable

We are finally pleased to announce the arrival on the European market of one essential tool that will help the bonsai enthusiast of every level to work more efficiently and comfortably on their trees. In Japan everyone has always been using hydraulic lift turntable, but their prohibitive costs have limited their spread in the west. Thanks to the researches and the collaboration of well-known professionals in the bonsai world, we are able to offer you a tool inspired by the Japanese conventional table but improved in several details.


Why choose GreenT you may ask ?
Because GreenT is:


The board is 58 cm diameter instead of the usual 50 cm allowing you to work the most impressive materials as well as the smallest trees. You can comfortably use the exceeding space to have your tools easily accessible next to your bonsai.

Green-T Turntable bonsai


The board is made out of phenolic marine plywood of pine which is painted and coated in solid non slip rubber ( 4 mm thickness hardness Shore A 70 ).Lifting capacity up to 200 kg. Tightening screws and threaded bushes are completely made from stainless steel. All the materials used in the construction of  Green T guarantee an excellent outdoor weather resistance.


Metal base with 5 star support and hydraulic pump lift by foot control. Adjustable height of the bearing surface (Basic model: minimum 42 cm. – maximum 60 cm. ) The swing brake of the table can be disconnected with a simple movement of the pedal. 5 removable eye screws, located in the lower part of the work plan, allow a solid anchor of the bonsai to the table.

Green T Professional Bonsai Turntable


While having superior characteristics to a Japanese turntable, Green T Basic has the same weight of its Japanese competitors: 15 Kg.


Green T Basic is offered at a price of € 345,00 , shipping and handling with courier throughout western Europe all included: about half the price of a Japanese imported turntable.


…from today  Green T is also..

More Versatile

thanks to the new options:

Green T Plus model

Equipped with an innovative hydraulic lifting pump with pedal control and telescopic cylinder *, this new work table model guarantees greater lifting excursion compared to the Basic model, reaching a maximum height of the work surface of 82 cm. off the ground. Green T Plus will definitely be appreciated by everyone dedicated to working on medium to small sized bonsai. Our strength lies in containing the cost, even if a professional product with no market competition, reflect our philosophy of offering bonsai enthusiasts at all levels an indispensable work tool at an accessible price.

* utility model pending


Green T  is
Made  in  Italy


Carton box dimensions cm 60 (24 in) x 60 (24 in) x h. 45 (18 in), Gross weight kg 19 (42 lb) Net weight kg 15 (33 lb)


Green T Professional Bonsai Turntable


Green-T Turntable bonsai


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